Community Medical Care (CMC) started out in 2007 as a General Practitioner (GP) practice in Blackheath, Cape Town.

It has always been, and still is solo practice

After 7 years of providing quality healthcare to the larger Blackheath, Blue Downs, and Kuilsriver community, Dr. Stodel was ready for a change. The opportunity presented itself to take over the established practice of Dr. Mike Porter located in the leafy suburb of Pinelands.

47 years ago when Dr Mike Porter began his practice in Pinelands, a consultation was R1.90 and a home visit R2.50. Inflation might have changed that but not the philosophy of the practice which is the Three A’s: Availability, Affability and Ability. 

Now it is time for Dr Mike Porter to hang up his stethoscope and hand over the baton to Dr Mark Stodel. Porter says although he is sad to leave the many friends he has made in the close knit Pinelands community, he and his wife, Jenny Porter, Professor of Anaesthesiology at Red Cross Children’s Hospital, want to travel and spend time together. (Although Dr Porter is not sure he can drag Jenny away from her love of children and the hospital)

Dr Mark Stodel with Dr Mike Porter

Dr Porter who studied at Trinity in Dublin and then came back to Groote Schuur Hospital to practise medicine, decided on Pinelands after looking across the  peninsula for a potential place to set up a practice. He felt certain that the close knit community in Pinelands was the perfect location. The DNA of GP runs in his veins and his idea was to emulate his father and ‘become the best GP possible.’

He says, “I couldn’t retire until I had found the perfect candidate for my patients and to continue my practice. I still run a traditional GP practice, that is fast disappearing from modern society and I want it to continue that way. When I received Mark Stodels’ CV, I knew I had found the right person.’ It didn’t do any harm when he asked his wife, Jenny, if she knew and she replied: ‘Know him? I taught him!’

Mark Stodel was the perfect fit – not only in terms of qualifications and experience but also in terms of his passion for a family practice in a close knit community.

Dr Stodel is looking forward to looking after Dr Porters’ patients and gaining new ones. He and Dr Porter agree that as a close knit community patients become friends and part of a large family. Which is why Dr Porter is sad to say goodbye. “But he says,” I know Dr Stodel will fit comfortably into the shoes out of which I am reluctantly stepping”…