Why Us

At Community Medical Care, we seek to provide an extensive range of services and deliver them in a personal, caring and holistic manner.

We deliver the highest quality professional care, administered with compassion.

Covering acute, post-acute and outpatient services, as well as preventive medicine, we also provide disease counselling and wellness treatments.

We are dedicated to giving our patients the individual, hands-on attention they deserve. Each patient is given a customized care plan that is perfect for their specific medical needs. Our patients receive high quality service that matches professional general practice standards.

CMC is also easily accessible, when and where it’s needed the most.

It is located centrally within Pinelands, and for serious medical emergencies, the Vincent Palotti hospital is a mere 3 minute drive from the practice.

Whatever the situation, ease of accessibility, availability, affability, ability of the doctor, and affordability is the first step on the road to getting better.